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2024 reservations

Reasons to reserve 2024 Beef NOW:

  • Lock in this year's pricing for delivery anytime in 2024

  • FREE freezer with the purchase of ANY size share - that's right, you can get a 1/4 beef and get a freezer that will hold the whole thing! 

If you don't need the freezer we will apply a discount to your total balance!

This offer is limited to the first 25 deposits received. This page will be updated when the limit is reached!

Custom Shares: Services

Custom Shares Pricing
These prices include all processor fees, cut and wrapped to your specifications and delivery within our normal delivery area. 
First 25 deposits for 2024 INCLUDE A FREE FREEZER or discount



$6.25  per lb on the hanging weight 
Estimated Hanging Weight: 150-200lbs
Estimated Total: $982-$1,310
Deposit: $500



$5.75 per lb on the hanging weight 
Estimated Hanging Weight: 600-800lbs
Estimated Total: $3,570- $4,760
Deposit: $700

How Our Process Works

  1. Place your deposit and indicate your ideal delivery month. 

  2. You will immediately receive an email confirmation of your deposit along with a link to fill out your cut sheet.

  3. We will contact you via email to confirm the slaughter time frame.

  4. You will not hear from us again until your animal has gone to slaughter. The week of slaughter you will receive an invoice with your final hanging weight and balance due. 

  5. We will reach out via text after the invoice is sent to begin arranging delivery.  

  6. We deliver your beef at a centralized meeting location in your area. We offer home delivery under special circumstances at an additional cost. 

  7. Take your beef home and enjoy

Do you have questions? Check out our FAQ page or Contact Us!


Ready to Reserve Your Beef?

2024 Reservations
Selct Beef Share
Select Preferred Delivery Month


When it comes to purchasing beef they are available in half or whole orders.  This is based off the dressed/hanging weight of the cow after it is slaughtered.  Hanging weight is the weight of the cow carcass after initial slaughter and processing, it's the weight of the carcass after the hide, head and some organs have been removed. The actual meat you will receive is typically 60% +/- of the hanging weight.  On average our animal’s hanging weight will run somewhere around 500 to 600 pounds, meaning a half will be around 250-300 pounds.

Again, these are hanging weights meaning after the entire carcass is dressed down, some of the hard fat, bones and non-edible byproducts are removed, the actual box weight will be less than the hanging weight.  However because we are charged when the animal is processed off of the entire hanging weight, we sell and price our beef accordingly.  It is the industry benchmark for how money changes hands with bulk beef as it is monitored by a state or federal meat inspector.  The cut and wrapped weight is typically roughly 60-70% of the hanging weight, meaning an average whole yields 350-420 pounds, a half 175-210 pounds.

Each share will be cut and processed according to your specifications and will include:

  • Filet •NY Strip • Ribeyes • Sirloin Steaks • Flat Iron Steaks • Top Round Steaks • Flank Steaks • Skirt Steaks • Brisket • Bottom Round/Cube Steaks • Short Ribs • Rump Roasts • Chuck Roasts • Arm Roasts • Stew Meat  • Packages of Burger – Fat content according to your specification 


The Process

One unique feature that we offer that most producers do not is the opportunity to choose how things are cut and packaged.  For example you will have the opportunity to choose how thick you would like your steak cuts, how many pounds you would like your roasts to be, if you would like round steak, if you would like chuck steaks instead of all chuck roast, if you would like to sacrifice some of the tougher roast cuts such as the arm roast to have more ground beef.  

Any specific cut that you do not want left whole will be added to the grind and will produce more ground beef/hamburger.  You also get the opportunity to choose how much fat you would like added to your ground beef/hamburger.  Typically 85% lean is what people prefer, but we have had people request a 50/50 mix.  It is entirely up to you.  We are happy to assist you in your preferences according to what you prefer and typically cook. 

To summarize, this boils down to the fact that when pre-ordering with us, everything is 100% customizable to your liking.  We do all of the legwork and at the end, you get delivered with a complete order of beautifully packaged beef for your family’s enjoyment!


Approximate Quantities in a Half Beef 

Each animal varies in size so these are approximate quantities of each cut available on a half beef.
Please also remember you get to customize your cut sheet, so any cuts you do not want can be added to your hamburger grind to increase the quantity and quality of your ground beef.


  • 12 Ribeye

  • 12 Filet Mignon (Tenderloins)

  • 12 NY Strip Steaks

  • 6-8 Sirloins

  • 4-6 Round Steaks

  • 1 Skirt Steak

  • 1 Flank Steak


  • 3-4 Arm Roasts

  • 4-5 Chuck Roasts

  • 2-3 Rump Roasts

Other Cuts

  • 1 Brisket

  • 6-9 Short Ribs

  • 4-6 lbs Stew Meat

  • Soup Bones

  • Dog Bones

  • 70-80 lbs Ground Beef 

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