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Reserve Your 2024 Prime Rib Now!

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Don't wait until the last minute for 2024 

Check this item off your list and rest assured knowing Christmas dinner is covered by getting on the list for a Prime Rib Roast Now!

We have two options 

1. Place a deposit now.

Place a $50 deposit now. This will go towards the total cost of your Prime Rib in December of next year. Please note price per lb is not able to be determined at this time as the market simply fluctuates too much for us to know right now. 

Come December if you would rather not purchase your prime rib from us the $50 can be used towards other products (ground beef, stew meat, steak etc.)

2.  Be the first to know!

This options means we will email/text you as soon as we have Prime Rib's in stock in December of 2024.  You will have the opportunity to purchase until they are sold out. First come, first served.

2024 Prime Rib 
Deposit Form

Thank you!

Deposit is $50, will be applied to total cost of Prime Rib Roast in December of 2024.  Cost per pound to be determined by November 15, 2024

If you decide you do not want the prime rib you may use the $50 deposit towards other items (i.e. burger, stew meat, steaks etc)


2024 Prime Rib 
Be the First to Know!

Thank you!

Submission of this form does not guarantee that you will be able to purchase a prime rib roast.  It means we will notify you when the reservation process opens, after orders with deposits that have already been placed have been fulfilled.

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