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free freezer

Many know our ranch for our offer a free freezer with the purchase of a half or whole beef.  For a limited time we are offering the same free freezer with a 1/4 beef purchase!!

The entire 1/4 will fit in the freezer that we deliver wih your beef and lets you enjoy the benefits of bulk beef at a lower investment!

If you don't need the freezer we will apply a discount to your total balance!

We accept reservations year round and your deposit secures the current price, regardless of when you would like your beef delivered! 

Spots are limited each month.

Ready to make a deposit to reserve your share?

Custom Shares Pricing
These prices include all processor fees, cut and wrapped to your specifications and delivery within our normal delivery area. 



$6.25  per lb on the hanging weight 
Estimated Hanging Weight: 125-175lbs
Estimated Total: $781-$1,093
Deposit: $400



$5.75 per lb on the hanging weight 
Estimated Hanging Weight: 600-800lbs
Estimated Total: $3,570- $4,760
Deposit: $600

Thank you for your interest in our beef!
If you are ready to secure your share, this form allows you to enter payment information, your share cannot officially be reserved until we receive your deposit. 
will receive a link immediately after you place your deposit to complete your custom cut sheet. 
What size share would you like to reserve?
Would you like the free freezer or a discount? (You may only choose one option, cannot be combined with any other discounts)

Thank you for your deposit!
We will be in touch as soon as possible to complete your custom cut sheet!

How Our Process Works

  1. Place your deposit and indicate your ideal delivery month. 

  2. You will immediately receive an email confirmation of your deposit along with a link to fill out your cut sheet.

  3. We will contact you via email to confirm the slaughter time frame.

  4. You will not hear from us again until your animal has gone to slaughter. The week of slaughter you will receive an invoice with your final hanging weight and balance due. 

  5. We ask that 50% of the balance due be paid upon receipt of the invoice, and the balance at delivery. If you need to make other arrangements please contact us. We are happy to work with you. 

  6. We will reach out via text after the invoice is sent to begin arranging delivery.  

  7. We deliver your beef at a centralized meeting location in your area. We offer home delivery under special circumstances at an additional cost. 

  8. Take your beef home and enjoy

Do you have questions? Check out our FAQ page or Contact Us!

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