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Grass Fed Grass Finished Ground Steak Burger

Our whole cow ground beef contains all of the prime cuts ground into a delicious blend making for a premium steak burger with delicious flavor profiles.


This burger is 90/10, packaged in flat vacuum sealed 1 lb packages for convenient storage. Our ground beef is from100% grass fed and grass finished animals. 

$6/lb, no minimum purchase

**25 lb box for $135**

**75 lb box for $400!**


Snack Sticks Available! 

These snack sticks are perfect for when you are on the go and need some delicious protein! 


Six sticks per 1/2 lb package.  


These are a delicious blend of our grass-fed, grass finished beef, seasonings and cheese. More flavors will be available in the future!



$7/package, no minimum purchase 


10 packages for $60


Beef Jerky 

This delicious beef jerky is from our grass-fed, grass-finished cows raised in the Frenchtown Valley outside of Missoula.  Perfect for snacking on the road for all of your summer travels!


3 oz per package

Jerky is also available to be shipped! Free shipping over $25. Click Here to Order!

Ground Beef: Product Gallery

Our HBK Drivers will be in the following locations in July:


  • Kalispell

  • Missoula

  • Bitterroot


  • Coeur D'Alene

  • Sandpoint

  • Spirit Lake

If you are in location not listed above you can still place your request now, we will notify you as soon as your area is scheduled for a delivery run.

To reserve your beef please fill out the form below, you will receive an invoice along with a text notifying you of the meeting point in your area before the scheduled delivery date. You are welcome to pay the invoice via credit card, Venmo or cash/check upon delivery. 

Payment is not required until you pickup at our delivery locations.


Fill out the form below to request your beef! 

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