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Join Our Scripture Card Club

We have been abundantly blessed by God and we want to share the words of Him with as many people as we can!  

Not long ago we began getting served ads for a company called Not Consumed*, that creates and sells beautiful scripture post cards, Bible study plans and so much more. 

God had been speaking to us for a while about the platform we have been blessed with, the number of people we are blessed to know and meet and we realized that He had cultivated this opportunity for us to share His word with others and help bring joy and peace to hearts all over. 

We are excited to start this process with our four children, ages 6, 8, 9 and 10, so they can help reach out to people with the great news of Jesus Christ.  
If you would like to receive a postcard please fill out the form below. We hope to rotate to a different person each week to receive one of these beautifully designed scripture cards from Not Consumed 

If you have a prayer request please feel free to leave it in the messages below.  If you'd like us to share it with our social media followers please just simply check the appropriate box and we will share it anonymously or with your name, just check the corresponding boxes. 

Your information is private and will not be used for purposes other than receiving the scripture post cards and perhaps a Christmas card 😀

God Bless,

Jordan & Amanda Knudsen

& Family

*Please note this is not a paid partnership of any kind, we simply enjoy spreading the word of God*

Would you like us to share your prayer request with our social media followers?
If you do want us to share your prayer request would you like your first name included or anonymous?
God Bless!
Thank you for joining us!
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